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31507 Edge Products Juice w/Attitude CTS2 Programmer

Juice w/Attitude CTS2 Programmer - 5 in. Touch Screen - Hot Unlock Codes Available - Incl. Mystyle™ Software

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Product Features

  • 6 On-The-Fly Adjustable Power Levels
  • Up To An Additional 100 HP and 300 ft.-lbs. Torque
  • Monitor Displays Corrected Speed
  • Timing Adjustments
  • Torque Management Adjustments
  • Increases Fuel Economy/Excellent Throttle Response
  • Undetectable When Truck Is Returned To Stock
  • No Sending In PCMs For Re-Flashes
  • Enhances Towing Performance
  • Improved Low End Response
  • Greatly Improves Drivability

Product Specifications

  • Juice w/Attitude CTS2 Programmer
  • 5 in. Touch Screen
  • Hot Unlock Codes Available
  • Incl. Mystyle™ Software
  • WARNING CA Proposition 65: No
 CARB E.O. D-541-20


 3 Adjustable Power Levels. Quick and Easy Installation. Additional 65 HP and 180 ft lb Torque. Increases Fuel Economy. Greatly Improves Driveability and Performance. Helps Eliminate Downshifting While Towing. Excellent Throttle Response. The EZ is the ultimate performance upgrade for the driver that wants affordable adjustability, added towing power, quick and easy installation, and improved fuel economy. The EZ offers a quick 10 minute installation that requires no expensive mechanic labor, no drilling, and no computer downloading. Simply plug the Edge EZ into 2 stock connections and you're ready to go. The EZ provides real power, you can switch between 3 power levels to add up to 65 HP. The EZ safely provides power to help eliminate downshifting. The EZ is also tuned with a special fuel economy level that improves the atomization of fuel, which in turn allows Edge to add power, while at the same time delivering between a 5-10% improvement in MPG when driving in level one. Add to that the EZ's price point and you have the ultimate value on the performance market today. There is not another product on the market today that delivers power so safely and so economically, and at the same time is so easy to install.

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Juice w/Attitude CTS2 Programmer


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