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Floor Mats/ Floor liner buying guide


Though in general terms floor mats and floor liners are used interchangeably but to be precise they are two different products.

Universal fit mats

Floor mats, whether they are factory provided carpet or all-weather rubber mats that are generally sold in departmental or auto part stores, are generally fit at best.  They are designed to fit as many vehicles of that size as possible, therefore they are compromised both in terms of fit and coverage.  You will have a small floor area exposed around the mat and along the sidewall. 

Universal fit mats advantages

  • Low cost
  • Possibility of using them in your next car

Universal fit mats disadvantages

  • Limited coverage of the floor
  • No coverage of the side walls
  • No coverage of the door sill area and the hump in the middle
  • Tricky to take them out for cleaning, high probability of dropping the dirt and slush collected while taking them out for cleaning

Floor liners

Floor liners are custom designed digital-fit for a specific vehicle model to fit like a glove on the contours of the floor and cover every nook and cranny of your floor along with the middle hump and the door sill area.  It also covers the little wall by the floor protecting it from shoe touches.  So if you remove them after years of use the entire carpet underneath will be just like brand new, which will give your vehicle bigger appeal and value if you are selling it after years of use.

Advantages for floor liners:

  • 100% coverage of the floor
  • Custom-fit gives a much nicer and tidier look
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps with keeping the value of the car higher compared to similar cars that used universal mats

The only disadvantage that floor liners have is a little higher upfront cost of purchasing them

There are two popular brands for floor liners

  1. WeatherTech
    1. Universal mats
    2. All-weather floor mats
    3. Digital Fit floor liners


  1. Husky liners
    1. Classic
    2. Weatherbeater
    3. X-act contour
    4. Mogo luxury liner

         WeatherTech digital fit

Husky Classic liner

Husky Weatherbeater


Husky X-act contour


Husky Mogo luxury liner

Which one you select is up to personal choice, both offer excellent quality and years of brand recognition.  Both are similarly priced.  Husky comes in four variants, the classic,  weatherbeater, X-act contour, and Mogo luxury

The main difference between weathertech and Husky is the feel.  Weathertech is a little harder molded plastic whereas Husky especially X-act contour gives a little softer feel and look.

Another difference is that for husky you may have to purchase an extra piece for some vehicles for middle hump area compared to that; weathertech will come in one piece.  Both configurations can be, more, or less suitable for you depending on your use and personal choice.

One extremely important thing about weathertech brand is that the weathertech has prohibited sales of its product on Amazon, eBay and other third-party market places, it is not allowed to sell weathertech on Amazon.  So, if anyone is trying to sell on Amazon they are doing it without permission and therefore product could be questionable and factory warranty will not be honored.

We at everythingvehicle.com provides full service for your purchase and after-sales needs, from free shipping to free returns and the company warranty.  Shop NOW for your risk-free purchase. 

Other floor liners specifically for your Jeeps and truck bedliner available are Rugged Ridge and Bedrug

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