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This will not be a long document filled with disclaimers.

We are taking customer service and no hassle returns to a new level. Our return policy is very simple and risk of purchasing mistakes or product not what it is supposed to be is on us.

· We will provide you pre-paid returns and no re-stocking fee refunds within 30 days of purchase.

· All we need from you is the accurate information about the reason of return and supporting document/pictures. Brief but complete information is mandatory for this

· In case of wrong purchase you will be responsible for the shipping the item back and re-stocking fee will apply, unless you are getting the replacement of equal or more price. To avoid wrong purchase, provide accurate information about your vehicle and pertinent features related to the product. And respond to our email/text message if you receive as a follow up to your order asking for clarification about your vehicle and your product selection.



· Reason for return

· Part number of the item you have received (attach picture of the part number label)

· Your vehicle make, model, year and other pertinent information if the issue is related to fitment

· Picture(s) of the defect/damage/mis-fitment whichever is applicable. If there are multiple damage/defects on the product we will just need the picture of the most severe one